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Pizza, pizza pizza! Now that’s amorè! Americans have been enjoying this round (or square) dish for decades, in what has become one of the most iconic and cherished dishes in American history. It is hard to say when it first hit the shores of the U.S., however the first license to sell pizza was in 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi applied to make and sell it at his grocery store in New York.

Since then, we have seen pizza in many different shapes, sizes, topped, stuffed, and even the way it is eaten. It is said that over 3 billion pizzas are eaten a year, and at average, Americans consume around 46 slices a year. Pizza makes up 10% of all food service sales in the United States, with around 62% of folks preferring meat-based toppings, while 38% prefer the veggies.

It truly is a comfort food that most people love. Whether you are a picky kid (or adult) that goes for the cheese, or someone that loves to experiment with different flavors, crusts, cheeses, etc… Most people have no problem reaching for their favorite version.

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Original Geno’s Pizza Method

Federal stats show that there are over 76,000 pizza/Italian cuisine restaurants in the US and climbing. We definitely have a lot of choices! So in making choices, most people find a favorite pizza based on word-of-mouth, based on experience, and based on personal taste. We have all had great pizza, ok pizza and just, you know… awful pizza. We have also had people tell us to check out their favorite pizza place, and have had great, and not so great responses. No matter your method to topping that za, we are proud to say that we not only love our pizza, we make sure that we put in the same care, the same quality, and the same focus with every pizza to make it the way we truly love it, every single time. We want to stand out with the quality, as well as the service you get. It is after all an experience, right? So what do we do a Original Geno’s to stand out and strive to be the best pizza in Tempe?

Daily Preparation is Essential

Some things in life you just have to do daily.  Some of the most important are showering, working, saying I love you to your family, making the dough… well this may just be our list. We believe that in order to make a great pizza, some of the ingredients just have to be prepared daily. For us, our big two Is our dough, which is mixed, tossed and rounded out daily. Also our sauce… that wonderful base for the pizza! Each morning we mix all the fresh ingredients together for our pizza, as well as some of our other crave-able eats.

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Love the Local

As a local business, we know that we need to support local. Also, we know that to get the best results in our pizza, we need to get the freshest ingredients. We get our produce local, and also supply that pizza with only the most quality meats we can find. These fresh, quality ingredients are prepped every morning for our pizza… now that is fresh baked!

Grande Brand Cheese

Grande cheese is the most sought-after brands of cheese for Italian dishes. There are pizza fans that look specifically for this cheese when they look for their pizza place. We are proud to provide this delicious and award-winning cheese on our pizza.

Flavor That Crust

Some like to add a little dash of extra flavor to their pizza crust, so if you are one of them, we have some great options for you We have Butter, Cajun, Butter Cheese, Sesame, Ranch and Garlic Butter flavors to add to that crust to give it that special something. Haven’t flavored your crust before? Well now’s your chance to give it a taste.

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Get Your Pizza When You Want it

In the Phoenix area, one problem with most pizza places is that they close usually by midnight. Especially on those late-night adventures on the weekends, or that all-nighter exam,  you need a little comfort late night. Original Geno’s in Tempe is open until 5am every night! Perfect for you night owls, studiers, party animals… whenever you want it ,we’ve got you covered!

We want to be your pizza place in Tempe! As well as the best pizza in Tempe, we also love providing some of the best crave-able eats in town! Oven-baked subs, Philly cheesesteak subs, salads, loaded fries… our menu is packed with great eats, for whatever you are hungry for.

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