OG Crave-able of the Month: Philly Cheesesteak

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Philly cheesesteak in Tempe

Just imagine it. You are standing on the streets of Philadelphia, the crowds rushing by, busy roads, and people making their way down the streets in the City of Brotherly Love. There are rows of great stores, businesses, all pushing up against each other for your attention. The town ringing with pride as the Liberty Bell makes it’s historic stance, not only for the city, but for our country. Then, it hits you. The aroma that truly says, “Philly Baby!” The hot beef, onions, all hitting the air in perfect harmony. It’s not just a beef sandwich, this is the Philly Cheesesteak!

Original Geno's Famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich Made in the 1930’s by Pat Olivieri, the Philly Cheesesteak sub is one of the most iconic American dishes in history. Though there are many debates on which version of the famous sandwich is best, the most common version is with cheese whiz and fried onions. Locals in Philadelphia even have their own unique way of ordering. Going up to order, they are ready to say they want a cheesesteak, which the cheese they prefer, and if they want onions or not. So here is how they would say it, “One, Whiz, With.” They break it down that fast!

Other cheese variations may be with Provolone or American cheese. Maybe some folks enjoy thick strips of ribeye beef, and some prefer the beef chopped up. No matter how you like your cheesesteak, we have all come to love this American classic. Here at Original Geno’s, we make sure that no matter how it is ordered, you have it as authentic as you can get. First, we start with the bread that is used in Philly, the Amoroso rolls. You can’t be authentic without it! Then we use delicious beef, onions, and then OF COURSE we use Cheese Whiz to top it all off. That is what makes our “Famous Philly” Sandwich. You want it with Provolone or American cheese? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Original Geno’s Philly sandwiches don’t stop there. We have the original, and we also have other crave-able versions that have been unstoppable! Our Mushroom Philly, Pizza Philly and Pepper Philly sandwiches have all been big hits with our guests! Want to add something to your Philly? Let us know!

Order one of our unique versions of the famous sandwich, or order the original Philly Cheesesteak in Tempe at Original Geno’s! Always hot, fresh and simply crave-able. And as always, you can order a Philly cheesesteak online for pick up or delivery Online or by calling us at 602-804-1111.

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