Staff Recommendation: Mady’s Pepperoni and Veggies Pizza

Friday, December, 8th Food Love, OG Tempe, Staff

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We always love it when our amazing staff at OG Tempe tell us what they are creating, suggesting to our guests, and eating themselves. With some amazing crave-able eats at OG like our Pizza, with fresh dough and sauce made in-house, we truly think we have the best pizza in Tempe! We also have toasted subs, with only the freshest ingredients and our bread that is made in-house which is THE BOMB! So many crave-able eats are available even late at night, and this week we have a unique approach to something one of our staff members makes for herself regularly.


Mady has been working for us for a while now, and she is one of our hard-working, amazing examples of service and spirit! We asked Mady if she had a favorite item she likes to recommend, and she was quick to respond.

Mady’s Pepperoni and Veggies Pizza with Butter Crust

Black Olives
Green Peppers
Butter Crust

Mady’s reason for her favorite dish? Simple. as she puts it, “this is my favorite pizza because my mom always told me to eat my veggies. So… my excuse when eating pizza is: If it has some veggies on it, I’m eating healthy!” Well it’s hard to argue with Mady! Come in today and Try Mady’s favorite or any of our other amazing and delicious crave-able eats. Order Online or call us at 480-804-1111.

Tell us… What is your favorite Crave-able Eats at OG Tempe?

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