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Food Resolutions: 3 Ways to Go out and Stick to your New Year goals

It’s that day of the year. You know, when you talk about how you would like to see yourself, what changes you would like to make, and how to improve yourself in the new year. Yeah, those resolutions are things that are always made, however, did you know that more than 85% of all people who make resolutions actually fail to keep them? Well, let’s get real for a moment. Some of it is because we just have to make better choices at some of the hardest moments. Sometimes it is a job, sometimes it is just getting up and move more, sometimes it is what we eat. There are many different resolutions that people make, however the two most important things to remember are consistency and accountability. Here are a few things to think about when you are working on making healthy habits and changing your approach, especially when you find yourself in the “Temptation Zone.”

Local, Fresh Eats.
This is one of the toughest parts of the resolution to either eat better or get healthy. Let’s face it, we are surrounded by convenience and quick meals. With that quick and easy all around us, you usually find foods filled with processed ingredients and added salts, sugars and other non-mentionables that could kill your resolution. If you are too busy to make your meals, or do what I do from time-to-time and forget your meal at home, find some healthier options on the road. Get that burger without the bun, skip the fries and ask for a salad instead. Look for wheat or gluten-free ingredients, and above all DON’T SUPERSIZE IT! Find a place that will make something for you specially made, and take that extra couple minutes to get something fresher from a local restaurant that takes pride in fresh and local ingredients.

It’s a Marathon…
Creating healthy habits take time. It’s not something you do overnight. Same with losing weight, building a stronger financial portfolio, etc. Many people who break resolutions do because they sprint off the starting line like Usain Bolt, when they should have just started with a healthy walk around the block. People break resolutions because they feel like a failure if and when they break them. The best part about learning and growing is the failure that comes with it. That is where we learn. Just like a marathon, we have to start off with walking a mile, then the next thing we know we are running it, then we add more miles. You build your stamina to the point that you can run that 26.2 miles. It is an incredible feeling, not just because you did it, but because of all the hard work and the amazing things you learned about yourself along the way.

Don’t beat yourself up. Once a week, enjoy a meal that you like, or go out with friends without feeling guilty. Stop by OG once and a while, we have healthy options, as well as those other options like the best pizza in Tempe to celebrate in between!

OK you know what I mean. Make that resolution because of you. Don’t let anyone else even give you suggestions. Do what you want or what you need! Each step, each victory is for you. The celebrations are with others, but for you! You got this in 2018! Come celebrate with us. We will make you a healthier option meal, salads, light cheese or no cheese on the pizza, more fresh veggies. Heck, we’ll even cut the bread thinner for you… whatever you need to help with your resolutions.

Happy New Year and here’s to a better version of you in 2018!