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Original Geno’s Crave-able of the Month: Pizza

Pizza, pizza pizza! Now that’s amorè! Americans have been enjoying this round (or square) dish for decades, in what has become one of the most iconic and cherished dishes in American history. It is hard to say when it first hit the shores of the U.S., however the first license to sell pizza was in 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi applied to make and sell it at his grocery store in New York.

Since then, we have seen pizza in many different shapes, sizes, topped, stuffed, and even the way it is eaten. It is said that over 3 billion pizzas are eaten a year, and at average, Americans consume around 46 slices a year. Pizza makes up 10% of all food service sales in the United States, with around 62% of folks preferring meat-based toppings, while 38% prefer the veggies.

It truly is a comfort food that most people love. Whether you are a picky kid (or adult) that goes for the cheese, or someone that loves to experiment with different flavors, crusts, cheeses, etc… Most people have no problem reaching for their favorite version.

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Original Geno’s Pizza Method

Federal stats show that there are over 76,000 pizza/Italian cuisine restaurants in the US and climbing. We definitely have a lot of choices! So in making choices, most people find a favorite pizza based on word-of-mouth, based on experience, and based on personal taste. We have all had great pizza, ok pizza and just, you know… awful pizza. We have also had people tell us to check out their favorite pizza place, and have had great, and not so great responses. No matter your method to topping that za, we are proud to say that we not only love our pizza, we make sure that we put in the same care, the same quality, and the same focus with every pizza to make it the way we truly love it, every single time. We want to stand out with the quality, as well as the service you get. It is after all an experience, right? So what do we do a Original Geno’s to stand out and strive to be the best pizza in Tempe?

Daily Preparation is Essential

Some things in life you just have to do daily.  Some of the most important are showering, working, saying I love you to your family, making the dough… well this may just be our list. We believe that in order to make a great pizza, some of the ingredients just have to be prepared daily. For us, our big two Is our dough, which is mixed, tossed and rounded out daily. Also our sauce… that wonderful base for the pizza! Each morning we mix all the fresh ingredients together for our pizza, as well as some of our other crave-able eats.

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Love the Local

As a local business, we know that we need to support local. Also, we know that to get the best results in our pizza, we need to get the freshest ingredients. We get our produce local, and also supply that pizza with only the most quality meats we can find. These fresh, quality ingredients are prepped every morning for our pizza… now that is fresh baked!

Grande Brand Cheese

Grande cheese is the most sought-after brands of cheese for Italian dishes. There are pizza fans that look specifically for this cheese when they look for their pizza place. We are proud to provide this delicious and award-winning cheese on our pizza.

Flavor That Crust

Some like to add a little dash of extra flavor to their pizza crust, so if you are one of them, we have some great options for you We have Butter, Cajun, Butter Cheese, Sesame, Ranch and Garlic Butter flavors to add to that crust to give it that special something. Haven’t flavored your crust before? Well now’s your chance to give it a taste.

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Get Your Pizza When You Want it

In the Phoenix area, one problem with most pizza places is that they close usually by midnight. Especially on those late-night adventures on the weekends, or that all-nighter exam,  you need a little comfort late night. Original Geno’s in Tempe is open until 5am every night! Perfect for you night owls, studiers, party animals… whenever you want it ,we’ve got you covered!

We want to be your pizza place in Tempe! As well as the best pizza in Tempe, we also love providing some of the best crave-able eats in town! Oven-baked subs, Philly cheesesteak subs, salads, loaded fries… our menu is packed with great eats, for whatever you are hungry for.

Food Resolutions: 3 Ways to Go out and Stick to your New Year goals

It’s that day of the year. You know, when you talk about how you would like to see yourself, what changes you would like to make, and how to improve yourself in the new year. Yeah, those resolutions are things that are always made, however, did you know that more than 85% of all people who make resolutions actually fail to keep them? Well, let’s get real for a moment. Some of it is because we just have to make better choices at some of the hardest moments. Sometimes it is a job, sometimes it is just getting up and move more, sometimes it is what we eat. There are many different resolutions that people make, however the two most important things to remember are consistency and accountability. Here are a few things to think about when you are working on making healthy habits and changing your approach, especially when you find yourself in the “Temptation Zone.”

Local, Fresh Eats.
This is one of the toughest parts of the resolution to either eat better or get healthy. Let’s face it, we are surrounded by convenience and quick meals. With that quick and easy all around us, you usually find foods filled with processed ingredients and added salts, sugars and other non-mentionables that could kill your resolution. If you are too busy to make your meals, or do what I do from time-to-time and forget your meal at home, find some healthier options on the road. Get that burger without the bun, skip the fries and ask for a salad instead. Look for wheat or gluten-free ingredients, and above all DON’T SUPERSIZE IT! Find a place that will make something for you specially made, and take that extra couple minutes to get something fresher from a local restaurant that takes pride in fresh and local ingredients.

It’s a Marathon…
Creating healthy habits take time. It’s not something you do overnight. Same with losing weight, building a stronger financial portfolio, etc. Many people who break resolutions do because they sprint off the starting line like Usain Bolt, when they should have just started with a healthy walk around the block. People break resolutions because they feel like a failure if and when they break them. The best part about learning and growing is the failure that comes with it. That is where we learn. Just like a marathon, we have to start off with walking a mile, then the next thing we know we are running it, then we add more miles. You build your stamina to the point that you can run that 26.2 miles. It is an incredible feeling, not just because you did it, but because of all the hard work and the amazing things you learned about yourself along the way.

Don’t beat yourself up. Once a week, enjoy a meal that you like, or go out with friends without feeling guilty. Stop by OG once and a while, we have healthy options, as well as those other options like the best pizza in Tempe to celebrate in between!

OK you know what I mean. Make that resolution because of you. Don’t let anyone else even give you suggestions. Do what you want or what you need! Each step, each victory is for you. The celebrations are with others, but for you! You got this in 2018! Come celebrate with us. We will make you a healthier option meal, salads, light cheese or no cheese on the pizza, more fresh veggies. Heck, we’ll even cut the bread thinner for you… whatever you need to help with your resolutions.

Happy New Year and here’s to a better version of you in 2018!


5 Must-Try Menu Items at Original Genos’ in Tempe

Every morning, we start early, prepping the fresh produce for the day, getting the bread in the oven, the dough flies through the air as it forms for each pizza ordered, and the sauce finely seasoned and ready to go. We pride ourselves on making sure that each and every day, we serve our guests only the best crave-able eats we can serve. Everything on the menu is crafted just for your order, and you will see, and definitely taste the difference.

While we truly recommend anything, and love to hear what you would like on your pizza, we have a few Tempe favorites that, if it’s your first time dining at, or ordering for delivery at Original Geno’s, we usually will recommend these five items for your order.

Famous Philly Cheesesteak 
Original Geno's Famous Philly cheesesteak sandwichWithout a doubt, the Famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich is one of the most popular items on our menu. Why? We prepare our Philly Sub just like they do in Philadelphia! We start with the Amoroso Rolls, because, without it, it’s not a Philly Cheesesteak! Then we top it with either the Cheese Wiz (which many will argue is the ONLY way), or American Cheese, and onions.  We also have a few different variations of the Philly sub, for those of you who are looking for a different take on the Original Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich in Tempe.
Check out and order our Philly cheesesteak Sandwiches online

Chicken Bacon Ranch Oven Baked Sub.
We will be proud to stack up our Oven Baked Subs with any of sandwich shop in Tempe! First off, we make our bread in-house every day! Local fresh ingredients that help create that perfect toasted sub bread. Then everything we put into our sandwiches are local and fresh ingredients, including all our veggies, and our meats are only the highest quality. One of the most popular oven baked subs is our Chicken Bacon Ranch. The perfect combination of plump chicken, creamy ranch dressing, and of course, you can’t go wrong with bacon! Definitely put this in your order when you are in!

View all of our Oven-Baked Subs

Cranberry Pecan Salad.
You can’t get any fresher than our salads. We prepare all of our salads daily, and we mean, daily. When you order our salads, rest assure that you are getting a salad that was prepared fresh daily just for you. A local Tempe favorite? How about our Cranberry Pecan Salad! Delicious salad with Feta Cheese, Cucumber, Tomatoes, Cranberries and Pecans.  Definitely a great alternative for those who are watching your calories or just like to eat on the healthy side. We also have different dressings to choose from, like our House, Honey Mustard, Greek and Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Order your Salads and more online!

Pepperoni Pizza.
OF COUSE we recommend all our pizzas! The fresh dough, the homemade sauce and all the great quality meats and toppings that go into it make it a sure crowd pleaser. We also pride ourselves in using Grande Brand Cheese, the undisputed king of cheeses! We always suggest the Pepperoni Pizza, as it is by far the most requested and most popular pizza of all time! We also have different crust flavors available. Butter, Garlic and Sesame just to name a few.

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OG Sauce.
Looking for a little kick to add to your sandwich, pizza or salad? Try our OG Sauce! This sidekick is a perfect blend of zesty and spice, and brings out the amazing flavors of almost any dish at OG’s. Plus, you can only get it at Original Geno’s, so make sure you after for the OG Sauce when you are in.

Try any of these great items when you come in and visit Original Geno’s in Tempe, or make a delivery order as well. We always pride ourselves in the freshest and most crave-able eats in Tempe, making the best sandwiches, salads, wings and best pizza in Tempe!

Philly cheesesteak in Tempe

OG Crave-able of the Month: Philly Cheesesteak

Just imagine it. You are standing on the streets of Philadelphia, the crowds rushing by, busy roads, and people making their way down the streets in the City of Brotherly Love. There are rows of great stores, businesses, all pushing up against each other for your attention. The town ringing with pride as the Liberty Bell makes it’s historic stance, not only for the city, but for our country. Then, it hits you. The aroma that truly says, “Philly Baby!” The hot beef, onions, all hitting the air in perfect harmony. It’s not just a beef sandwich, this is the Philly Cheesesteak!

Original Geno's Famous Philly cheesesteak sandwich Made in the 1930’s by Pat Olivieri, the Philly Cheesesteak sub is one of the most iconic American dishes in history. Though there are many debates on which version of the famous sandwich is best, the most common version is with cheese whiz and fried onions. Locals in Philadelphia even have their own unique way of ordering. Going up to order, they are ready to say they want a cheesesteak, which the cheese they prefer, and if they want onions or not. So here is how they would say it, “One, Whiz, With.” They break it down that fast!

Other cheese variations may be with Provolone or American cheese. Maybe some folks enjoy thick strips of ribeye beef, and some prefer the beef chopped up. No matter how you like your cheesesteak, we have all come to love this American classic. Here at Original Geno’s, we make sure that no matter how it is ordered, you have it as authentic as you can get. First, we start with the bread that is used in Philly, the Amoroso rolls. You can’t be authentic without it! Then we use delicious beef, onions, and then OF COURSE we use Cheese Whiz to top it all off. That is what makes our “Famous Philly” Sandwich. You want it with Provolone or American cheese? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Original Geno’s Philly sandwiches don’t stop there. We have the original, and we also have other crave-able versions that have been unstoppable! Our Mushroom Philly, Pizza Philly and Pepper Philly sandwiches have all been big hits with our guests! Want to add something to your Philly? Let us know!

Order one of our unique versions of the famous sandwich, or order the original Philly Cheesesteak in Tempe at Original Geno’s! Always hot, fresh and simply crave-able. And as always, you can order a Philly cheesesteak online for pick up or delivery Online or by calling us at 602-804-1111.

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Staff Recommendation: Mady’s Pepperoni and Veggies Pizza

We always love it when our amazing staff at OG Tempe tell us what they are creating, suggesting to our guests, and eating themselves. With some amazing crave-able eats at OG like our Pizza, with fresh dough and sauce made in-house, we truly think we have the best pizza in Tempe! We also have toasted subs, with only the freshest ingredients and our bread that is made in-house which is THE BOMB! So many crave-able eats are available even late at night, and this week we have a unique approach to something one of our staff members makes for herself regularly.


Mady has been working for us for a while now, and she is one of our hard-working, amazing examples of service and spirit! We asked Mady if she had a favorite item she likes to recommend, and she was quick to respond.

Mady’s Pepperoni and Veggies Pizza with Butter Crust

Black Olives
Green Peppers
Butter Crust

Mady’s reason for her favorite dish? Simple. as she puts it, “this is my favorite pizza because my mom always told me to eat my veggies. So… my excuse when eating pizza is: If it has some veggies on it, I’m eating healthy!” Well it’s hard to argue with Mady! Come in today and Try Mady’s favorite or any of our other amazing and delicious crave-able eats. Order Online or call us at 480-804-1111.

Tell us… What is your favorite Crave-able Eats at OG Tempe?